Our Story

Having founded the company in 2015, Anja welcomed co-partner Anouk onboard in 2020. Mothers to 5 children in total, ranging from 2 to 11 years of age, both Anja and Anouk are passionate about kids' clothing - but not the worry and stress that comes with it.

After the birth of her son Karl, Anja's focus was far from the dress sense of her innately fashionable infant. Trend-conscious, she wanted to keep him looking stylish but struggled to do so with his incessant growth spurts. Boys, right?!

Fed-up of feeling one step behind, Anja set off on a quest to source kids' clothing brands that prioritised efficiency as well as aesthetics. Fortunately for us, this proved unsuccessful - as thanks to her failure, Billie Buttons (then Muddy Creatures) was born!

Billie Buttons offers a unique styling service to save you the stress of keeping your kids well-dressed. Stocking only the most contemporary kids' brands with uncountable conscious collections and easy-to-match items, Billie's bundles are hand-picked, high-quality and bursting with excitement.

As Billie Buttons grew bigger and bigger, so did Anja's workload. She needed a righthand woman - and along came Anouk.

Having lived in Belgium, Bangladesh, Beijing and now Britain, Anouk is Billie Buttons' very own globetrotter.

Evidently fond of the letter B, it was Anouk who spearheaded the renaming of Muddy Creatures, with a focus on 'Buttons'. Though most would assume that buttons are the 'finishing touches' to an item of clothing, Anouk had made the surprising discovery that garment manufacturing cannot start without them - and along came Billie!

Even more curiously, when discussing the short-listed names on the phone with Anja, Anouk spotted a button on the floor. Coincidence? We think not!

Though Anja and Anouk live far away from each other (almost 600 miles, to be precise) there are many magical touches to their relationship that provide some of the whimsical essence behind Billie Buttons today.

Not only are they renovating their houses at the same time (in the midst of relaunching their brand and a worldwide pandemic, no less!), they have also chosen the same doors and flooring without ever having discussed it. There may be an explanation for this quirky kismet, however - they are both Sagittarius', born one week apart. And as we all know, Sagittarius' have harmonious and long-lasting partnerships. Isn't that simply charming?

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